The Cornelian

One Republic Album Review

Daniella Gangi

One Republic’s Oh My My album conveys many different desires and sounds throughout each song and all around the entire album. The first two songs have an atmospheric aesthetic while the third song, which shares the name with the album title, has a very upbeat and buoyant feel. The album can be described as rock, pop, and has an alternative touch that is added throughout the songs. Each song has its own original beat that is strong and engaging and carries the lyrics along. Personally, I do not think the songs are all catchy, but they all contain rhythmic effects that are flowing, pronounced, and complex, all while being subtle. There is a rich variety of instruments, which makes the songs more distinctive. The digital effects enhance the songs and complement the vocals nicely. The effects increase the music quality and keep the songs balanced while still being varied and full. Overall, the structure of the album is creative and each song has its own characteristics that keeps the songs imaginative and compelling. 8/10

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