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Lost But Not Forgotten: The Story of Su Changlan

Cira Mancuso

Some of you will remember Amnesty International’s efforts last year to free Su Changlan, a women’s rights activist imprisoned in China’s dark cells. She is only one woman, but she spoke out for the millions of oppressed Chinese women, and now she represents the millions of prisoners of conscience in China. China has a dark history of political oppression and arrests. While Amnesty is focusing on Su, it should not be ignored that millions of individuals exercising their freedom of speech (which is not a right in China), are arrested and detained for an unknown amount of time every day.

        This year Amnesty hopes to further their work for Su. We are busy planning our first letter writing campaign for November. We are hoping that everyone in the Holy Child community will write a letter of either solidarity or support to Su or her prosecutor. Amnesty International has proven that these letters are very effective, but only if they are sent in bulk, so we hope that each of you use the power of the pen to help free Su. If you do write a letter, you will get a silicone bracelet that says, “Free Su Changlan” and “I <3 Su” that you can wear around to show your support.

        Amnesty is also excited to announce the new Facebook page: Holy Child Amnesty International Club. This is where you can find any Amnesty updates and any information regarding activism. We hope that you all will write a letter at our letter writing table that will be located in the dining hall in November and pick up your silicone support bracelet! Also, be sure to “like” us on Facebook so you can see how to be involved and go beyond the borders of Rye, NY.

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