The Cornelian

2016 Election Aftermath

Katie Zampolin, Editor

Donald Trump shocked America with one of the biggest upsets our generation has seen. People everywhere predicted that it would be a clean win for Hillary Clinton, including Clinton herself. Why is it that the polls favored Clinton winning by a landslide?

Well, the disputes over this Presidential election have been aggressive, to say the least. The extreme opinions of both Trump and Clinton supporters sparked intense discussions in person and throughout the internet. Clinton supporters must have been more vocal about their opinion leading the polls to skew in her favor. It seems that many fans of Trump kept their views quiet throughout the election to avoid heated arguments and tension. The voter turnout for Trump reached numbers higher than what the public could even imagine. Americans across the country believed Clinton would take the presidency because the majority of Democratic support is in urban areas. Cities tend to publicize their feelings more than rural areas, which is likely the reason why Trump’s win surprised the nation. Trump has the silent voters to thank for this victory. As it goes, anything can happen.

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