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Studying For March Exams

Alexia Balentine, Cynthia DeMarinis, and Julia Tyler

The period of time before March exams can be overwhelming, and some people may be stumped on how they should prepare for their tests. Here are some ways to relieve stress for these upcoming exams:

First off, you need to prepare in advance. Do not wait until the last minute to study because that will cause stress. You can start off by making a schedule for units that you need to study and how long you need to study them. We recommend that you split all of your subjects up and assign different chapters for different days. Doing this will make organization and preparation easier for the big test.

There are a variety of different sources you can use in order to study as well. Quizlets are a great way to stay organized and study efficiently. They give you a chance to put all of your notes into one big place and use them to create flashcards and quizzes that test memorization skills. Remember to also organize all of  your materials and ask friends for copies of sheets that are unavailable to you. Study from old homework and tests and review with all the materials available.

Another way to study is by communicating with your peers and asking them for help. An example is to ask for your classmates’ help to quiz you and try to study together for a little each day. Visiting teachers for help and reviewing some specific topics that you are having trouble with is also important when studying. The night before a test is the perfect time to go through everything once again and to get a good night’s sleep. Do not forget to eat a good breakfast in the morning in order to keep yourself energized and your brain on full blast. We hope these tips are helpful!

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