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Teacher Biography: Mrs. Vasquez

Grace Mensi, Contributor

Where did you grow up?

~ Throughout her childhood she lived in Yonkers.


Where did you go to high school?

~ She went to high school at the School of The Holy Child and graduated in 2006.


Where did you go to college?

~ Fordham University


Was science always your favorite subject in school?

~ Mrs. Vasquez explained that science was always one of her favorites along with history.


What sparked your interest in teaching?

~  “I did some community service in schools. I worked as an aftercare teacher in school. I always wanted to be a biology major while going into education. After performing more community service, I did observation hours at a school … I just always liked being in a school.” 


Did you play any sports throughout your youth and college?

~ She played volleyball and softball in high school, as well as intramural volleyball in college.


Where/how did you meet your husband?

~ At her summer job in high school, she met her husband.


What is it like at home having a baby to look after?

~ Mrs. Vasquez says it’s crazy that you’re responsible for someone else, as it’s a big adjustment due to the baby eating and sleeping a lot. She says, “It’s cool because every week something new happens. They grow so quickly, and that’s so cool to see.”


Why do you like teaching at Holy Child?

~ “I love teaching at Holy Child. I love the students and love being to teach something that I love. I love the community, and I like working in a place where I once was a student.  It’s really cool to look back and see myself in a lot of the students.” 


Why did you choose to work at an all girls school?

~ Mrs. Vasquez explains that she first started doing an observation at a public school that was co-ed, although, by chance, she found a position at Holy Child.


Have you ever taught younger students?

~ “I was a nature instructor at a day camp for four years, so I worked with elementary kids. My certification starts at 7th grade, so I did my observation hours for middle school too.”


Have you ever owned any pets in your life?

~ As a child, she had guinea pigs along with a dog. Before she got married, she had two guinea pigs, but they are now being housed by her parents.


What are things you enjoy doing on your free time?

~ “Well, now it’s a little bit different because I don’t have a lot of free time. But, when I do have free time, I like hiking, being outside, reading for fun. I also like catching up on TV shows like NCIS and This is Us.” 


If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

~ Mrs. Vasquez hopes to someday travel to Hawaii and Iceland.


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