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Yulin Dog Festival

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Grace Mensi

Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival

In Guangxi Zhuang, China, a yearly festival of consuming a great deal of dogs and cats is  held. This so-called tradition derives from 500 years ago in China and Asia, as it occurs around the time of the summer solstice. During this festival, about 10,000 animals and pets are harmed within the duration of 10 days. Some argue that this practice is cruel, whereas others explain that the killing of these animals are done in a humane way; suggesting it isn’t cruel. Despite the international opinions, the big take away is that innocent animals along with household pets are beaten to death because it’s believed that “it makes the meat taste better”. Dogs and cats are caged, skinned, and are treated as if they have no importance or equal. Because eating dogs is legal in China, this festival doesn’t arise as much as an issue. Although, to the rest of the world, it is seen as an act of cruelty that should be put to a stop before the killings become out of hand.

Coming from a household where owning a dog is of a big importance, I, myself, was horrified to see the measures taken against these poor animals. My dog, Charlie, has such a great value to me, as he makes up a piece of who I am today. Whether it’s the morning, the night, or when I come home from school, my dog always gets my first and last word of the day. By becoming aware of the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, I have become so grateful of my dog’s presence in my life each day and will never take his company for granted. I reside in Westchester County, along with many other students and faculty within our Holy Child community, as many of us own dogs and cats. Since, most of us live with and adore our pets, I feel that surrounding communities need to become more aware of this festival. It’s so saddening to see that even though most of America houses dogs and cats, most of these people aren’t even aware of the horrible ways these animals are treated in China.

My learning of this festival has prompted me to take part in ending this cruelty. A petition has been put in place by the Stop Yulin Forever organization, as they’re goal is to reach 3,000,000 signatures in order to put an end to the festival. My goal is to get the word around to our Holy Child community, as beginning a petition myself would help increase this awareness. My strong love for animals has engaged me more in this movement, as I hope it gets my school as well as my surrounding communities involved too. If you want to get become a part of the end to animal meat eating, please visit here and sign this petition. Let’s put an end to this abuse!


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