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Lacrosse Around the World and the Haberdashers

From Jacks Wrap

From Jacks Wrap

From Jacks Wrap

Gabriella Cristiano, Contributer

Sometimes when a sport is a part of our everyday routine, we do not realize how different the lives are of other athletes around the world. Although both women and girls are free to participate in the majority of sports in the United States, it is not always like that in other countries around the world. Often even if girls are allowed to play sports, the lack of growth with other girl teams in their area discourages the girls from playing and competing. I’ve seen firsthand the imbalance of popularity of lacrosse in different countries from the recent visit from the Haberdashers to our lacrosse program here at Holy Child.

When the Haberdasher girls from Whales came and visited the lacrosse program, it was difficult to know what to expect. But, even though we did not know each other at all, we bonded quickly and we all took part in a great experience. With the girls each staying with a Holy Child girl for two nights, the athletes quickly connected and began to learn about each other’s cultures. We were able to play lacrosse games against each other, go bowling, and eat dinner together. These activities gave us a lot of time to bond. This experience helped me and my teammates see the difference in play in the United States and in Whales. Regardless of the level of play, the girls were passionate during the games and enjoyed the time with our team. The experience the Haberdasher girls were given was extremely different and exciting. They were able to come to the United States and travel in states such as New York and Virginia, and play against all different American teams. Hopefully, their experience encourages them to keep playing and share their trip with their friends. This opportunity was extremely unique, and I hope that the popularity of lacrosse grows more in countries around the world, and we are given more chances to meet and play with girls around the world.

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