The Cornelian


Katherine Zampolin, Editor

February 15, 2017

Filed under Creative Writing

  He didn’t understand what he’d done to her. She was never content for sure.   Watching him go because she had to say yes, Lonely nights full of stress.   With a quick smile and kiss good...

Santa Claus: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Charlotte Brosnan and Mia Carroll

December 14, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

The long told story of Santa Claus can be traced back to St. Nicholas, a monk who lived in Turkey in 270 AD. Referred to as Nikolaos the magic worker, he spent his life working and caring for the less fortunate. He gave all of ...

Breaking Free

Katie Zampolin, Editor

November 2, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

It’s a love hate thing. A mother and a daughter. Jen and Julie. Although, according to the mother, Jen, it’s all love. Everything Jen does for Julie is all because she just cares so much and doesn’t want Julie to get int...